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It’s a great pleasure to announce that there’s a new release from Anna Tivel on its way.  ‘Blue World‘ is out on 16th July via Fluff & Gravy Records.  It’s a bit of a different beast to previous albums, as it sees Tivel going back and re-examining older songs from older albums and wondering how they could sound different, how they could be reshaped.  Recording with two Portland musician friends Galen Clark and Micah Hummel the music is now piano, percussion and one very distinctive voice.

Anna Tivell told us that: “We chose the songs by story and feel and played them in all directions for hours on end in Galen’s basement in our coats and masks. We wanted them sparse and strange, isolated and alive. Each of these songs exists in another form, from another time when making music shoulder to shoulder in goodsweaty rooms was an everyday adventure. In this year of strange and difficult isolation, I kept craving the sound of the piano, something warm and resonant to cure the vast empty. Galen and Micah agreed to create the sonic landscape and I closed my eyes and imagined each scene in color as I sang. This project felt like breathing again, a chance to be together, to listen and express something with good friends whose music forever moves me.”

There’s also a new song on ‘Blue World‘ being released as the lead single, it’s called ‘Two Dark Horses’ and you can hear it right now.  It’ll also be on a new album next year – so this is the prequel re-imagining of a song yet to come in its final form.  This way it sounds beautiful, so goodness knows how soul shakening it will be next year.

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