AUK Chain Gang: Forest for the Trees “Dream”

So how to follow Martin Stephenson and the Daintees? Well… and this is a bit of a left-turn genre-wise, but stick with me. Let’s take the name Stephenson and follow it. I’m suggesting Karl Stephenson, producer of Beck’s seminal album ‘Mellow Gold’, and to be fair, it would have been easy to plump for ‘Loser’ or some such other well-known track, but let’s stick with Karl a bit further into his career (although the progression doesn’t appear to be very far) and his band Forest for the Trees and their lead out single ‘Dream’. I’ll bet you’ve never heard it before if reading in the UK, but if you have, you’ll know that although of its time, it has an energy and brio that still makes it worth listening to today. Enjoy.

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Phil in Shrewsbury

Like it. So when was “its time”, please, Keith?

Keith Hargreaves

Late 90s