AUK’s Chain Gang: Brothers Osborne “Weed, Whiskey and Willie”

While the previous chain gang entry was all about Willie Nelson and the song ‘City of New Orleans’, I myself am not looking at his son or even his granddaughter, but I thought I would look at a Brothers Osborne song from their most recent album ‘Port Saint Joe’: ‘Weed, Whiskey and Willie’. The song is a welcome uplift for the current world we are living in, reminding us that even when everything is taken away from you, as long as you have weed, whiskey and Willie, everything will be alright. And John Osborne says exactly that: ‘It’s not so great to live on your vices, but we all do it sometimes. You put on a record and just have a drink and relax. It just brings you back to earth.’ At this time, many of us are enjoying our vices, be it an album or something else!

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