Magnolia Red “Ancient River” (Independent, 2020)

Magnolia Red are a band from the Norwegian North West Coast and their debut album ‘Ancient River’ takes us on a journey through all the different varieties of Americana music. Like their previous releases, the album was recorded at Ocean Sound Recordings in Norway and is formed of ten original tracks. But before we get to that, take a look at the album cover, which is one of the most beautiful ever made. Continue reading “Magnolia Red “Ancient River” (Independent, 2020)”

John Moreland “LP5” (Independent, 2020)

John Moreland’s ‘LP5’ is unsurprisingly his fifth LP and highlights the skills of a singer-songwriter who puts lyrics to the fore. Working with producer Matt Pence, who has previously worked with heavyweight Jason Isbell, the album shows off a man who is confident in what he is doing and performs songs that he clearly wants to sing. Continue reading “John Moreland “LP5” (Independent, 2020)”

Elaine Lennon “Elaine Lennon” (Independent, 2019)

A highly-anticipated debut album is a phrase that is all too common these days. But to say this album is anything but that is truly an understatement. Nashville Songwriters’ Association International 2019 ‘One To Watch’, Elaine Lennon’s debut self-titled album is one she hopes will be strong and impactful and help her music career keep kicking on.
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Eric Lindquist “A Place Called Home” (Independent, 2019)

Eric Lindquist tells us that he grew up with a dream of making a good record, but it just took him a little bit longer than expected. What Eric has created is exactly that, a good record, and we should be glad at the fact he took his time in creating it. Hailing from a small town in Western NY, we get a slightly new perspective of an American growing up in a place that isn’t in Tennessee or Texas. Continue reading “Eric Lindquist “A Place Called Home” (Independent, 2019)”

Rosy Nolan “Footprints and Broken Branches” (Independent, 2019)

Nine years on from the release of her last album ‘Black Out Nights’, Rosy Nolan is back with her EP, ‘Footprints & Broken Branches’. An Americana and country singer hailing from Northern California, Nolan explores, in her own words, ‘a softer, folksy sound in her latest album’, compared to her Northern California counterparts such as Merle Haggard’s infamous Bakersfield sound. Continue reading “Rosy Nolan “Footprints and Broken Branches” (Independent, 2019)”

Foxes Faux “Big Ifs” (One Step Outside/Bomber Music, 2019)

After taking 18 months away from music and gigging in order to start families, Foxes Faux are re-releasing their second album ‘Big Ifs’, hoping to replicate the success of their debut album ‘Fox Tales’, which took them across Europe to Italy, Germany and Austria, to name a few. Each member has a wide array of instruments in their arsenal, ranging from the electric bass and guitar of Ben Snowden and Kurt Wood, respectively, to the 12 string guitar and Bouzouki of Will Quin and Tim Rickaby. This enables a slightly more unique sound compared to the standard folk. Continue reading “Foxes Faux “Big Ifs” (One Step Outside/Bomber Music, 2019)”

Raelyn Nelson Band “Don’t” (Independent, 2019)

A name ending in Nelson gets you excited as a reviewer in this genre of music, hoping that you’ve been given the opportunity to listen to Willie Nelson’s or Lukas Nelson’s music before its official release. Yet I was pleasantly surprised to see a different Nelson for me to review in Raelyn, the grand-daughter of the great Willie Nelson. But whilst a name can be helpful in putting you on the scene, I was intrigued to see if she was taking her chance like her esteemed family members.
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Dallas Burrow “Southern Wind” (Subliminal Hyminal, 2019)

Dallas Burrow-2019When you look at who Dallas Burrow is playing alongside on his debut album, you can only think that this album is going to be as career-defining as he hopes it will be. With names such as Pete Abbott of the Average White Band, Chris Scruggs, grandson of Earl Scruggs of Marty Stuart’s Fabulous Superlatives and Kenny Vaughan of the same legendary band, coupled with the Texan twang of Burrows’ guitar, you know that the album will be destined for greatness. Continue reading “Dallas Burrow “Southern Wind” (Subliminal Hyminal, 2019)”

Mike Jacoby “Long Beach Calling” (Independent 2019)

When you get given an album to review, the first thing you see is the album cover. An album cover can straightaway tell you what you can expect from the album. And when you see the album cover for Mike Jacoby’s Long Beach Calling, you instantly know that this album is going to be non-stop fun. Continue reading “Mike Jacoby “Long Beach Calling” (Independent 2019)”

Longriver “Of Seasons” (Hullaballoo Records, 2019)

Moving on from the electric guitars and R&B swagger of his time with The Black, David Longoria’s project, Longriver, and his debut album ‘Of Seasons’ is a folk album showcasing Longoria’s excellence as a guitarist and singer-songwriter. Yet the album is missing something, calling out for an upbeat song or two, with them all sounding very similar, other than the final song, ‘Kuku Ree’.
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