Mike Jacoby “Long Beach Calling” (Independent 2019)

When you get given an album to review, the first thing you see is the album cover. An album cover can straightaway tell you what you can expect from the album. And when you see the album cover for Mike Jacoby’s Long Beach Calling, you instantly know that this album is going to be non-stop fun. Continue reading “Mike Jacoby “Long Beach Calling” (Independent 2019)”

Longriver “Of Seasons” (Hullaballoo Records, 2019)

Moving on from the electric guitars and R&B swagger of his time with The Black, David Longoria’s project, Longriver, and his debut album ‘Of Seasons’ is a folk album showcasing Longoria’s excellence as a guitarist and singer-songwriter. Yet the album is missing something, calling out for an upbeat song or two, with them all sounding very similar, other than the final song, ‘Kuku Ree’.
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