AUK’s Chain Gang: Lilly Hiatt “Walking Proof”

Seeking a link from John Hiatt offers many directions. But let’s not go too far, follow the great man’s advice to ‘Bring The Family’, and extend the connection to his daughter Lilly.

With four solo albums to her name, Lilly Hiatt is an established artist who blends rock with blues and the grittier end of country. Having a famous dad can be a mixed blessing but throughout struggles with addiction, her mother’s suicide and break-up John has given his daughter a lot of support.

The high energy rawness of her 2017 album ‘Trinity’ backed by a punishing touring schedule pushed Hiatt to deserved fame among a generation of female artists who defy the trite marketing labels. With that success some of Hiatt’s past troubles reappeared. But she took time out, reflected and last year released ‘Walking Proof’. This latest album reveals an inner strength and serenity in a collection of songs that range from her previous rock and roll to a more dreamy soulful quality.

Family remains important, ‘Rae’ is about her bond with her sister (that’s her, ‘Georgia Rae’ from ‘Slow Turning’!) but above all ‘Walking Proof’ is the firm evidence Lilly Hiatt has emerged stronger with a lot more to come.

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