Lilly Hiatt “Walking Proof” (New West, 2020)

It can be surprisingly difficult to establish a long-term career as a musician if you have a parent who is also a successful musician. Obviously you get first hand knowledge of the music industry, and you will get help with starting your career, but very quickly you will find you will, more often than not, be in competition with your famous parent, and, if you don’t come up with the goods quickly enough, interest in you will fade. This makes it particularly hard for Lilly Hiatt, as she is in competition with one of the best current songwriters in America, her dad John Hiatt. However, if the cover of ‘Walking Proof’, her fourth album, with its vibrant and strong colours is anything to go by, Lilly Hiatt is enjoying her music and is full of confidence about the future, and so she should be, as this is her best album to date. Continue reading “Lilly Hiatt “Walking Proof” (New West, 2020)”

Lilly Hiatt has a new album out soon – here’s the first song from it

We leave you this week dear reader with the first song to be released from the new album from Lilly Hiatt ‘Walking Proof’ which comes out on March 27th. The record follows up 2017’s ‘Trinity Lane’ and features guests including Amanda Shires, Aaron Lee Tasjan, and of course her dad John “Mr” Hiatt who plays on the track ‘Some Kind of Drug’, the first time he has featured on one of his daughter’s albums. RS Country describes the first track to be taken from it, ‘Brightest Star’, as “an irresistible slice of jangle-rock that finds Hiatt pushing her voice into its highest register and using a subtle trill to great effect. It’s an empowering song, about walking through life’s darkest moments of insecurity and self-doubt.” Here’s the video for it. Have a good one.

Lilly Hiatt heads to UK for dates

Lilly Hiatt comes from americana royalty being the daughter of John, so it’s fair to say she should receive a state welcome when she arrives in the UK Wednesday next week for three dates (all in the South sorry Northerners, which we include ourselves in) the first of which takes place at Nell’s Jazz and Blues in Hammersmith. Continue reading “Lilly Hiatt heads to UK for dates”

Lilly Hiatt talks about new album and sobriety

RS Country (our eternal source of all good things americana once we’ve weeded out the Kenny Chesney, sorry Kenny) have an interview with Lilly Hiatt, daughter of John, which is an interesting read: “One day last summer, Lilly Hiatt sat down in her new East Nashville apartment and began writing a love song. It was the last type of tune Hiatt would have expected to turn towards, considering her circumstances. The last few months had been full of heavy heartbreak, constant commotion and emotional upheaval for the 32-year-old songwriter, who had moved out of her ex’s house, fled town for an extensive West Coast tour with John Moreland, and returned to a quiet, empty home to face reality earlier that spring.  Continue reading “Lilly Hiatt talks about new album and sobriety”