AUK’s Chain Gang: New Riders of the Purple Sage “Sweet Lovin’ One”

Having been presented with ‘Wild Mountain Thyme‘ by The Byrds by my colleague Ljubinko Zivkovic last week the only logical step is to follow on with a song by the band New Riders of the Purple Sage. Having only a vague awareness of them previously has provided the opportunity to skim the surface of their music.  As the band itself has released a number of albums it means that given more time there are likely many other gems to be unearthed.  The worry is that in finding a band that has made a lot of music and has connections to other bands who share some of the same members or have a similar depth of recorded catalogue Pandora’s box may have been opened.

The song which has been chosen is ‘Sweet Lovin’ One‘ which is from their second album ‘Powerglide‘ which came out in 1972.  Lead vocals by John Dawson. ‘Sweet Lovin’ One‘ features additional music input from Jerry Garcia (who was part of the band for their first album but was replaced by Buddy Cage on pedal steel on Powerglide).  New Riders of the Purple Sage were on the crest of the wave of country-psychedelic rock in the early 1970s and have over the course of their existence had a number of band line-up changes.

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