AUK’s Chain Gang: Will Johnson “Devil On The Interstate Line”

When I was handed the baton last week from our editor, Mark, I thought, easy peasy, there are thousands of songs about the devil so this is a no brainer. Then, I checked the previous link and it was also a song about the devil, so, I reckoned best to stray away from the subject. Mark had picked a glorious song by Will Cookson so I reckoned I could riff on that. The only Cookson I could recall was the popular author and she doesn’t seem to be on Spotify, so it was down to looking at various Will’s and immediately Will Johnson came to mind.

Described by Paste magazine as “the Kevin Bacon of indie rock,” Johnson fronts Centro-Matic and has a host of other projects and bands under his belt including South San Gabriel and Monsters Of Rock, a slew of solo albums and he has also recorded with Jason Molina and Jay Farrar. A delve into his lengthy catalogue was quite enjoyable but when this song came up, it was just too good to resist, a squaring of the circle of sorts. So, here we have another Will, singing a fantastic song which again, alludes to that bad old rascal.

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