Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt “My Flag Too” – Listen

Cello and guitar duo Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt have a new single, and it is one with a pretty direct message.  It’s a story about immigrants who fought for democracy.  It’s a story about inclusivity.  It’s a story about a diversity of opinion and a detestation for those who believe they have the right to speak for all.  These are the words

This flag don’t stand for money, this flag don’t stand for guns 
This flag is not a weapon for the ones who speak in tongues 
It don’t stand for a party, or for a five-point plan 
I will not bow to idols and I won’t rise for a man 
This flag is for our country, us and them and you 
When I rise up singing, I sing this is my flag too 

You can fly it from your truck, with a bumper sticker creed 
You can fly it from your boat, above “don’t you tread on me” 
You can sell it in your ad, or show off your tattoo 
But that’s not what the flag’s about, this flag is my flag too

and this is the song:

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