AUK’s Top 10 Americana Albums of the 21st Century: The Readers’ Results

Firstly thanks to the very many of you that sent in your selections. There were a very wide spread of suggestions put forward with close to 150 albums gaining at least one vote. In the end there was a remarkable degree of agreement with our writers. In fact seven albums appeared in both Top 10s, with Courtney Marie Andrews, Richmond Fontaine and Ian Noe replacing Laura Cantrell, Sturgill Simpson and Nick Lowe from the writers’ list. Anyway, you’ve probably already glanced at the list before reading this so all that remains is to once again thank you for supporting the series of the last six months, we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have bringing it to you.

Next week will see the return of our popular ‘Essentials’ series where a different writers choose their Top 10 albums or songs by  one particular artist.

The AUK readers’ Top 10 Americana Albums of the 21st Century’.

  1.   Jason Isbell ‘Southestern’ (2013)
  2.   Wilco ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’ (2001)
  3.   Ryan Adams ‘Heartbreaker’ (2000)
  4.   The Delines ‘The Imperial’ (2019)
  5.   Gillian Welch ‘Time (The Revelator)’ (2001)
  6.   Courtney Marie Andrews ‘May Your Kindness Remain’ (2018)
  7.   Gretchen Peters ‘Hello Cruel World’ (2012)
  8.   Songs: Ohia ‘Magnolia Electric Co.’ (2003)
  9.   Richmond Fontaine ‘Thirteen Cities’ (2007)
  10.   Ian Noe ‘Between the Country’ (2019)

Bubbling Under

Frazey Ford ‘Indian Ocean’ (2004)
Gillian Welch ‘Soul Journey’ (2003)
Gillian Welch ‘The Harrow and The Harvest’ (2011)
Laura Cantrell ‘Not The Tremblin’ Kind’ (2000)
Drive-By Truckers ‘American Band’ (2016)

We leave you with a track from one of the three albums chosen by our readers that didn’t feature in the writers’ list. It’s the wonderful Ian Noe, proving (as we didn’t already know) what fine and discerning tastes you lot all possess.

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Mike O'Driscoll

A goodlist – delighted to see Ian Noe there. I’d put Gold above Heartbreaker, but it’s close between the two. No Lucinda? An oversight, surely. Maybe Ohtis will make it next time.

Joseph m. Noviello

Noe is increadible.

Chris Stickland

Its a great list and i agree it is sad that it is missing Lucinda Williams most especially Car Wheels. However i possess all of the records including the bubbling under but i don’t know one of them. That is the Gretchen Peters. I think that is a great excuse to acquire it! 🙂🙏