Bard Edrington V “Espadin” (Independent, 2019)

This is the first solo album by Bard Edrington V and it has the inescapable air of creative freedom. The written style encapsulates a strong sense of time and place and his storytelling approach is acutely observational, which when coupled with the range of musical styles he has mastered, intermingle to capture the listener and carry them with him on his journey. Continue reading “Bard Edrington V “Espadin” (Independent, 2019)”

Robert Forster “Inferno” (Tapete Records, 2019)

It has been four years since Robert Forster released ‘Songs to Play’ and he has, as ever, taken “time to do my thing”. This has resulted in an album that is constrained in style yet expansive in personal expression. Each song captures a distinct emotion through the use of the literal to detail a moment, acutely observed.

Continue reading “Robert Forster “Inferno” (Tapete Records, 2019)”