Video: Allison Lupton “The Eve Of Christmas Day”

Well, it is that time of year so here’s an excellent song from Allison Lupton, aided and abetted by UK folk stars The Young ‘Uns, Craig Werth and the Canterbury Brass.  It’s rather lovely and never cliched or sentimental.

Handsome Jack “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” (Alive Naturalsound, 2018)

There are those for whom the late Sixties and early Seventies represent the apogee of popular music. There are those for whom the power trio is the finest possible format for a band. Where those groups intersect is the place where New York outfit Handsome Jack reside. The raw power of Cream, the Stones at their most soulful, the driving rhythms of Creedence, all this and more is present and correct. The riffs are heavy and the vocals raw and impassioned. If these guys have the blues then they’re having a damn good time singing about it. ‘Baby Be Cool’ sounds exactly like its title and it’s a song and performance that the Glimmer Twins would be proud of while ‘Why Do I Love You The Way I Do’ just oozes soul and ‘Got It Bad’, well, let’s just say that if John Fogerty and the late Jim Ford had ever recorded this is what it would sound like. Continue reading “Handsome Jack “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” (Alive Naturalsound, 2018)”