Video: Son Of Town Hall “The Line Between”

Son of Town Hall are is a transatlantic collaboration between David Berkeley and Ben Parker and this is their new single.  With something of a more rustic Simon and Garfunkel about it, it’s a fine song about life’s mysteries.  The video, directed by Arthur Studholme, is excellent too and suitably surreal.  You can pre-order their album here and they’re on tour in November too, dates here, check them out.

Simon Joyner “Pocket Moon” (BB*Island, 2019)

It’s always a surprise to come across someone for the first time who’s actually been making music for ages – in Simon Joyner’s case 17 years and as many albums, not so much because it’s new but more “why has nobody heard of this guy?”, as he fits as snugly into the Americana genre as you could wish. ‘Pocket Moon’ has eleven quiet, meditative songs that he half sings, half speaks in a manner that recalls both Townes van Zandt and Leonard Cohen, which can’t be bad. He has a way with imagery (see “your lover who flickered in a tea candle suit/on his catholic knees, a grape skin on his tooth” from ‘Tongue Of A Child’ or “the town of tears and tumbleweed” in ‘The Last Time I Saw You, Billy’) and the music lets the words breathe, hovering as it does somewhere between the most stripped back desert blues and mid-volume Cowboy Junkies. Continue reading “Simon Joyner “Pocket Moon” (BB*Island, 2019)”

Video Premiere: Molly Tuttle: “Don’t Let Go”

From her excellent album ‘When You’re Ready‘, this is a new video for her song ‘Don’t Let Go‘, a fresh, delicate and quite captivating ballad that sits somewhere between country and folk.  She’s doing a brief European tour starting October 27th as well, dates below the video.

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Video Premiere: The Tillers “Tecumseh On The Battlefield”

Here’s something good from Cincinnati outfit The Tillers, taken from their ‘Hand On The Plow’ album.  This is a band that knows its Americana and can play it superbly.  They’re on tour in the UK in November and well worth seeing, dates below the video.

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