AMAUK announced press launch and awards nominations

The Americana Music Association UK, the professional trade association which represents and advocates for Americana and roots music in the UK, has announced details of its press launch night which will take place on November 7th. The evening is an opportunity for Americana music fans in two ways: Continue reading “AMAUK announced press launch and awards nominations”

The Handsome Family, Nell’s Jazz and Blues, London, 22nd October 2018

The last time the Handsome Family visited these shores they played the Grade II listed Hackney Round Chapel, an appropriate venue for their 20 year celebration of the ‘Through The Trees’ album. Tonight’s end-of-tour performance is in the more intimate surrounds of Nell’s Jazz and Blues club and there are no restrictions placed on what features from their extensive back catalogue – Rennie Sparks late on describing the whole performance as something of a tangent.
Continue reading “The Handsome Family, Nell’s Jazz and Blues, London, 22nd October 2018”

Stellar line up for BluesFest this week at the O2

An array of great americana talent features over 4 nights at the O2 Bluesfest in Greenwich, South East London starting on Thursday of this week. The man of whom David Hepworth once said deserved to be carried on a sedan chair for the rest of his life on the basis of the songs he wrote between 1968 and 1972, John Fogerty, former lead singer of Creedence Clearwater Revival, tops the bill on Thursday performing a Creedence greatest hits set – his first headline show in the UK since 2008. He’ll be joined by support act, the Steve Miller Band, who this year celebrate 50 years since the release of debut album, ‘Children of the Future.’  Continue reading “Stellar line up for BluesFest this week at the O2”

American Aquarium hit the UK for tour dates next week

One of American’s hardest working frontmen is heading to the UK with his new band for a limited number of dates at the end of the month. Originally formed in 2006,  BJ Barham’s band, American Aquarium, announced the dissolution of its former lineup in April of last year. Now with a new backing band, including lead guitarist Shane Boeker, drummer Joey Bybee, bassist Ben Hussey, and pedal-steel guitarist Adam Kurtz, American Aquarium will be promoting their superb new album, ‘Things Change,’ with shows in Bristol, Manchester and London. Continue reading “American Aquarium hit the UK for tour dates next week”

David Ramirez, The Borderline, London, 7th September 2018

David Ramirez is over on a short four night tour of the UK to promote his latest album on the Thirty Tigers label, ‘We’re Not Going Anywhere.’ Playing to a fairly packed Borderline crowd it’s his first visit to London since the turn of the year when he played an intimate solo show at St Pancras Old Church.  The band open with ‘Twins’ from the current record – a downbeat lament and eulogy to the victims of the Twin Towers. It’s also a personal statement about how the climate of fear in Ramirez’s homeland has meant the loss of a version of the United States he once held dear. Continue reading “David Ramirez, The Borderline, London, 7th September 2018”

The Jesse Dayton Trio + Norton Money, The Lexington, London, 5th September 2018

“How ya’ll doing this evening? We’re a long way from home. Let’s make this shit count.” Jesse Dayton is back in town and if any doubts lingered that he’d be able to deliver tonight they were swiftly assuaged, with the smiles on the faces of the audience around 11pm testimony to the fact that his trio had blown into London like a tornado, delivering a super charged set of punk and country-infused Americana. Continue reading “The Jesse Dayton Trio + Norton Money, The Lexington, London, 5th September 2018”

Joshua Hedley, The Old Blue Last, London, 3rd September 2018

When Joshua Hedley hits the stage shortly after 9.30 this evening it’s to croon the almost jazzy supper club-sounding ‘Nightlife,’ the loose nature of which has him effortlessly accompanied by his backing band, the Hedliners. A slight surprise perhaps but the song then effortlessly segues into more familiar territory with ‘Weird Thought Thinker’, the latest single from his debut album and a song that surely sums up where he’s at now. Continue reading “Joshua Hedley, The Old Blue Last, London, 3rd September 2018”

Interview: Felix Holt

Hailing from leafy Muswell Hill, a mere stone’s throw from The Kink’s own KONK studios, it’s no wonder Felix Holt has his head spinning with sixties sensibility and a plethora of killer tunes.  The young troubadour has made quite an impact this year, releasing his debut album and playing a number of very well received live shows.  Americana-UK’s Mark Underwood caught up with Holt to discuss influences, inspirations and how life is as ‘The Next Big Nobody’.    Continue reading “Interview: Felix Holt”

Erin Rae, The Slaughtered Lamb, London, 30th August 2018

“Corpsing” is actor-speak for having an unscripted fit of laughter onstage : so-called because the worst time to suffer a fit of the giggles is when an actor is playing a corpse. The sort of corpse more readily associated with a venue called The Slaughtered Lamb however might be found in the film ‘An American Werewolf in London’ where two gauche American tourists visiting a pub of the same name are subject to a frosty welcome from inhospitable locals before being attacked outside by a werewolf. This is by way of introduction to the fact that at the midpoint of tonight’s gig Erin Rae and her main musical collaborator, Jerry Bernhardt, suffered an extended attack of the giggles that continued over the entire course of the song ‘Playing Old Games.’ Although something of an unprecedented occurrence, there was no frosty welcome for these visiting Americans, the audience happily indulgent throughout this episode, as well as the entirety of the whole set. Continue reading “Erin Rae, The Slaughtered Lamb, London, 30th August 2018”

Jesse Dayton comes in from the outside

Jesse Dayton has tour dates in the UK over the next fortnight. The Texan’s new record ‘The Outsider’ is more than suggestive of the fact he’s flown somewhat under the radar in terms of popularity in recent years in spite of having worked with such luminaries as Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Glen Campbell – while scoring countless films for Rob Zombie.  Continue reading “Jesse Dayton comes in from the outside”