Video: Carson McHone “Hawks Don’t Share”

Carson McHone’s new single ‘Hawks Don’t Share‘ was recorded with Ontario’s Daniel Romano, and is a literary allusion to the creative sabotage that often confronts artistic alliances.   A pair of sparring electric guitars sets the scene, mirrored in the line, “We’re both boxers babe/ we don’t make love”.  Add in bright horns popping up between phrases over a tight rhythm section and an ever popular jangly twelve-string and you have the makings of a great song.

It’s the first new music from Carson for a while, as she explains it’s great to be back: “the past year and a half shifted everyone’s lives dramatically. I’ve been off the road and off the stage, and for the most part in seclusion since I flew home in the middle of a tour on March 12th, 2020. Although sequestered, I’ve been lucky enough to use this time to explore new creative ground and cultivate new creative relationships. I am excited now to begin sharing the results. The first song is “Hawks Don’t Share,” performed with Daniel Romano and David Nardi. It was mixed by Kenneth Roy Meehan and mastered by Kristian Montano. The accompanying video celebrates collective creativity and affirms that we are all, in our own way, artists; that life itself is a work of art. A big bouquet of thanks is due to the Camera Varda crew who embodied these characters for me and helped bring this vision to life.


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