Casper Skulls “Yards” – don’t play with fire

The important thing to note about this song is that it is a true tale drawn from life, as Melanie St-Pierre of the band explains: “‘Yards’ is a song I wrote about my childhood house burning down on my sister’s 7th birthday when I was 5 years old. Our BBQ exploded in the backyard while my dad was cooking dinner. It was one of the hottest days of the year and something went wrong with the propane tank. My sister was drawing in the house at the dining room table right beside the glass doors to where my dad and family were BBQing. It blew her off her chair onto the floor where she was out of it for a bit then went to get our dog out of the house and ran to the neighbours house to call 911. She ended up being awarded a trip to Nashville for her bravery and using the stop drop and roll protocols that we had actually learned that month in our elementary school. When it happened, I was sitting on my old blue swing set watching it all happen in front of me. Oddly enough, years later we replaced the set with a big green patio swing where I experienced my first kiss. I always thought that was really weird the duality of it all which inspired the writing process. This song was originally supposed to be included on ‘Knows No Kindness’ but we decided it fit best as a stand alone B-side.

Casper Skulls are a Canadian band whose album ‘Knows No Kindness’ was released last year – you can find the review right….here.

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