Cat Rose Smith “Half Moon Light” – Do we have an 8th level cleric?

Cat Rose Smith is a Californian, with Irish ancestry who currently lives in London where she makes Americana/Folk inspired music, backed by a band of Irish musicians: Jake Curran, John Bird Jr., and Cian Hanley.  Cat explains how this song came into being – it involved a few pints of beer, a conversation on legends and myths and a recollection of a terrifying undead creature.  Specifically the Banshee.  More specifically the Banshee as described in Dungeons and Dragons.

We’re guessing not White Box (‘cos it wasn’t there), Basic (it turned up, you’ll recall, in Module B4) or even 1st edition AD&D where it first had a full Monster Manual description.  There are clues that we’re talking 5th Edition.  However, be that as it may, Cat Rose Smith tells that: “I just-so-happen to know about this morbid chanteuse from a Dungeons & Dragons campaign I facilitated as DM (Dungeon Master) two years ago.  Naturally, this called for a song.  ‘Half Moon Light’ begins with the canonical D&D description of a banshee: silver dress and hair. She then becomes a container for a reclamation of the feminine, and an outlet for the rage with which it has been unwillingly saddled.

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