Dirty Dozen: Jeremy Parsons

Jeremy Parsons grew up soaking in the sounds of Texas Music in the dance-halls of the Lone Star State. Over the past decade, he has played all over the US and in Europe, including numerous venues in Texas. Jeremy captivates the crowd with his genuine personality, unique humour, and heartfelt love of his occupation. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Jeremy Parsons”

Dirty Dozen: Kate Ellis

Kate Ellis is an Americana singer/songwriter born in Louisiana, raised in NYC and now based in London. Kate’s southern country-folk roots and musical heritage comes from her father, who once played guitar with Hank Williams on the famous Louisiana Hayride, where Elvis and Cash started out. Her first single ‘Ones You Love The Most’ has been streamed over 60,000 times and played across the UK on stations including Amazing Radio, Chris Country, and BBC regional radio. She’s releasing her debut album “Carve Me Out” in June 2017. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Kate Ellis”

Dirty Dozen: Ian Roland & Simon Yapp

Ian Roland & Simon Yapp are a roots and Americana duo of 12 string guitar and fiddle, from Brighton, UK, with: “…more hooks than a long line fishing vessel.”

Can you tell us about yourself? Where you’re from and what you’ve been up to over the past few years? My name is Ian Roland and I’m from Brighton, UK. I am a singer and a songwriter and for the past two years I have been playing live with fiddle player and vocalist, Simon Yapp. Simon did some session work on my ‘How That Dust Jumps’ album, which was released in 2015, and since then we have been performing live as a duo in Folk and Roots clubs and venues in Brighton, Cambridge, London, Bristol and thereabouts.  Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Ian Roland & Simon Yapp”

Dirty Dozen: Little Mammoths

Little Mammoths are a London-based Rock’n’Roll Bar Band formed in 2014, that continue charging down the vein of The Hold Steady, Drive-by Truckers and Wilco. Their 2016 debut  ‘Phantom Dreams’ prompted Texan legend Ray Wylie Hubbard to declare: “If your ears dig gnawing on the gritty sounds from a young, dirty, cool rock band, I just found Little Mammoths who satisfy the craving…” The quartet’s constant gigging and tireless work ethic often results in straight sets in excess of 4 hours, and the band are releasing their eagerly anticipated second album ‘Cargo for The Road’ this summer, with extensive touring around Europe, and a full UK festival run, including Glastonbury. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Little Mammoths”

Dirty Dozen: Eric Ambel

Eric Ambel is a celebrated guitar-player who has made enduring music as a solo artist and as a member of the Del-lords, the Yayhoos and his own legendary combo Roscoe’s Gang. His inventive guitar work has graced albums by everyone from Steve Earle to Joan Jett to Run-DMC. He is also a producer of note, most recently having produced the latest Bottle Rockets album. Ambel has just released his 4th studio record titled ‘Lakeside’.  Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Eric Ambel”

Dirty Dozen: Molly’s Kiss

Molly’s Kiss is a folk band,  lost in the middle of France, composed of a guitar, an accordion, two voices and the will to give simple and catchy songs. Folk melodies, rock energy and generosity! Molly’s Kiss doesn’t like to beat around the bush and cuts to the chase – honest, genuine, human. Terribly human.

 Can you tell us about yourself? Where you’re from and what you’ve been up to over the past few years?
We’re a folk band, based in Clermont-Ferrand, a city lost in the middle of France. The band is composed of vocalist Madeline Besson, accordionist Alexandre Tobie, and me, Nicolas Rozier, as vocalist and guitarist. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Molly’s Kiss”

Dirty Dozen: Chloe Foy

Chloe Foy has previously been likened to such artists as Julien Baker, Laura Marling and Sharon Van Etten. Her songs are imbued with lyrical and textural inflexions evocative of much of the music she loves – taking inspiration as much from neo-classical music as much as wider trends within indie-rock, Chloe’s new EP comprises carefully constructed arrangements that delicately compliment her cryptic lyrics. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Chloe Foy”

Dirty Dozen: Lazarus

Rock n Roll Heart ended up as the title track, almost by accident. While I feel that it is very much a folk/Americana record, compositionally it progressed beyond traditional folk instrumentation, ranging from solo acoustic guitar to a Dixie land band.  Organically, it became my folk record that beats with a “Rock n Roll Heart.”  Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Lazarus”

Dirty Dozen: The Harmaleighs

The Harmaleighs craft honest passionate and poetic songs cut from a pastiche of indie-folk, pop and Americana and released the Hiraeth EP on May 5. The Nashville duo released the empowering Americana anthem, “Lady Brain”, where delicate electric guitars entwine with hypnotic and heavenly vocals before crashing into an unforgettable refrain. And the inspiration for the track is as ridiculous as the title implies. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: The Harmaleighs”