Dirty Dozen: Jaime Wyatt

Jaime Wyatt’s newest release ‘Felony Blues’, whose title is a nod to records like David Allan Coe’s ‘Penitentiary Blues’, is largely an autobiographical collection of convict love stories, prison songs, and honky-tonk laments.

Can you tell us about yourself? Where you’re from and what you’ve been up to over the past few years?
My name is Jaime Wyatt. Wyatt is my middle name and I’ve had a couple last names since. I was born in Santa Monica, Cali, but moved to WA state when I was 4, so I grew up in rural Western WA, with horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and various stray kids my mom took into our home.

Started in a trailer, my folks called “the cabin” which was on cinder blocks and heated by a kerosene heater and a wood stove.

The rural isolation allowed my creativity and poetry to flourish and my crazy family inspired a lot of material. I got signed at 17 and made some music which ended up on some soundtracks, had a band, lost the deal, got another deal, lost the deal and hit a low. Classic story really, but I happened to get busted and did a little time for robbing my drug dealer at 21 years old. Took a plea for a Felony Strike, 211 robbery and became a branded woman, took a while to get the right songs and sound, but I finally got my goal.

How would you describe your music?
Country & rock n roll with a lot of R & B influence.

Can you tell us a little bit about your influences?
Dylan, Otis, Allen Ginsberg, 90s country, Nirvana, Merle & Waylon, Doug Sahm…..Stones, duh.

What are you currently promoting?
An album called “Felony Blues” I’m pretty stoked on.

Have you got a particular song you’ve done that you’re particularly proud of, one that might define you?
Maybe “Giving Back the Best of ME” would be the closest lyrically, but Wasco is my favorite story and damn near my story.

What are you currently listening to?
Merle, Father John Misty, Waylon, Shooter, Scott Biram, old stuff from The Weekend

And your favourite album of all time, the one you couldn’t do without?
Let it Bleed? there’s too many, that’s a tuff one~

What are your hopes for your future career?
Playing for a living, and I don’t worry too much about money. living in the country on the road playing with some friends.

If money were no object what would be your dream project?
Making a record at Fame Studios.

What’s the best thing about being a musician?
I can charm my way out of a fist fight

And the worst?
Not enough music~

Finally, have you anything you’d like to say to the readers of Americana UK?
I’m so excited to come play for y’all in the UK, I feel a special kinship with folks in England. I’m mostly Irish, but I love tea.

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