Chris Corney “False Horizon”

Independent, 2021

Ravines songwriter releases a solo album of pleasing power-pop songs

Chris Corney has spent the last fifteen years making music both as a solo performer and with his Cambridgeshire based band The Ravines. ‘False Horizon’ represents his first new music since the last Ravines album ‘Everything’s Fine’ in 2015. With nine tracks and a running time only a fraction over 30 minutes it might be generous to call it an album, but as a collection of songs it stands up well. The style is very much power pop, with plenty of catchy hooks, jangly guitars and harmonised vocals. It’s a really easy listen and that is not derogatory, quite the opposite, simple songs, perfectly executed have been the hallmark of many a ‘pop classic’.

Whilst possibly not destined to become classics, all nine songs here stand up well with ‘Through Jealous Eyes’, ‘Leave Our Love Alone’ and ‘Do Not Adjust Your Mind’ arguably the pick of a rich harvest. Each one is almost guaranteed to have anyone with discerning ears spontaneously nodding and tapping their approval. In a cold, dark winter amidst a global pandemic ‘False Horizon’ is a record to bring a smile to faces and is a reminder that sometimes just being a lot of fun is all you want from your music. In parts reminiscent of Matthew Sweet or Matt Keating, Chris Corney has put together an immensely enjoyable set of songs – even if it isn’t quite a full album’s worth.


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