Classic Clips: Van Morrison & The Band “Caravan” from The Last Waltz, 1976

Van Morrison performs Caravan from The Last Waltz

I think that this clip fits the brief pretty well: the oft referenced moment when Van Morrison overcame his crippling mid-1970s stage-fright to almost single-handedly rejuvenate The Band’s ‘farewell show’ at Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, and featuring in ‘The Last Waltz’. Many music journalists have humorously referenced Morrison’s high-kicks, sparkly outfit and odd stage manner, but for me this clip shows someone fully giving himself over to the music, and brings Morrison’s fascinating contradictions into sharp relief – his religious devotion to music and performing combined with his shyness and taciturnity. Van The Man’s vocal performance is exceptional, as is The Band’s backing – for me, this clip is truly life-affirming.

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