Clever Hopes “Shadow Waltz” – you’re here, but you’re already gone

Photo credit: Kyle Gatehouse

The sounds of the regretful reflections that something has finished, and perhaps finished sooner than one half of the participants would have had it happen.  It’s a thing for two to agree on, and if one is set on leaving then it is over.  So Andrew Shaver reflects on his time in Australia, and in particular being in Tasmania whilst the island burnt and was on fire, and travel was limited to a small coastal region near the capital city of Hobart. Andrew spent his birthday in a beautiful beach villa with a woman he’d met along the way, who was already on her way elsewhere by the time he left the island. They swam as the ash from the fire was snowing down on the beach.

Clever Hopes is the band formed by Andrew Shaver and Eva Foote in Toronto, and their debut album ‘Artefact’, is due out in 2022 and based on the two singles so far it’s going to be a real highlight of the year.  If you’re into melancholic Americana heartbreak which, let’s be honest, most of us surely are.


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