Clint’s Classic Clips: Jason Isbell “The Life You Chose” Later… with Jools Holland 2016

Everyone’s favourite ex-Trucker gives a polished performance at the Beeb.

I once saw BBC6 Music presenter Mark Radcliffe perform with one of his occasional bands. It probably won’t make my AUK ‘A Night to Remember’ slot but it was fun and Radcliffe is a very engaging raconteur. One thing from the evening that did stick in my mind was him urging the audience to recreate ‘Later…with Jools Holland’ at home by “walking round your living room at a frantic pace whilst listening to any old crap”. Certainly in recent years, ‘Later…’ a programme that was once required viewing, has lost it’s way. So much so that these days I always record it, so that when viewing I can fast-forward through the mainstream dross and pick out the gems. I must admit that this has at times resulted in me winding through entire episodes without viewing a thing. However, the reason that I still persist are those (increasingly rare) gems. This week’s clip is one such example. Jason Isbell’s appearance in 2016 saw him touring his excellent 2015 album ‘Something More Than Free’ and ‘The Life You Chose’ is the track that he played from it. The performance is both polished but also full of emotion. Isbell, of course went on to even better things, ‘Later..’ sadly continued to deteriorate.

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Alan Peatfield

Phew!! I thought it was just me …….. “Later …” is absolute shite and has been for a few years now. Glad to see I’m not alone Clint (even if there is only 2 of us – although I doubt it.) Surely there is an audience out there for Americana/roots programme on mainstream TV?? Perhaps GB News might initiate one??!!


Make it 3 of us Alan. As you say there appears to be very little radio or TV for music covered by Americana UK. Just the usual bland stuff.

Raymond Walker

I thought it was my age…
I am re-reading/listening to my daily AUK emails and this resonates so much. I record Later…but neither my wife (Whose sonic tastes do not run to Americana) nor myself actually watch much these days. Such a waste BBC