Courtney Marie Andrews “Loose Future”

Fat Possum 2022

Excellent addition to a growing catalogue of quality from Grammy nominee.

Cover Courtney Marie Andrews Loose FutureOpening with the breezy, light title track this album propels itself forward through the sheer force of its songwriting, performance and production right up until the final dying notes of the last song. The title track is a joyous thing setting an underlying tone. ‘Older Now’ follows on with a shimmering vocal bouncing off the harmonies and beautifully arranged instrumentation. Josh Kaufman has brought his Bonny Light Horseman sensibilities to the party it seems and the production from Sam Evian is crystal clear but warm and enveloping. ‘On The Line’ is a gentle confessional lament with orchestration slowly building in as the tune unfolds in a gloriously languid way culminating in ghostly solo from perhaps a theremin! And it fits perfectly amongst the hovering strings – just gorgeous! ‘Satellite’ also plays with odd instrumentation/effects to excellent effect as Andrews again harmonises over a simple melody.

And so, the album unfolds, and with each listen, new depths are found, be it in the deft lyricism of ‘You Do What You Want’, the drop dead gorgeous harmonies of ‘These Are The Good Old Days’, the production palette used in the ghostly ‘Let Her Go’ and on and on.

In 2020 Andrews was a Grammy nominated artist, in 2022 she should scoop that prize for this delightful, affecting, lovely album. Highly recommended.


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