Cowboy Junkies to release new album in June

Cowboy Junkies have announced their latest album, ‘Such Ferocious Beauty,‘ which will be released on June 2nd on Cooking Vinyl. This, probably the Canadian lo-fi band’s 20th album, is their first album in five years, following their covers album in 2022, ‘Songs of the Recollection‘.  ‘Such Ferocious Beauty‘ includes singles ‘What I Lost‘ and ‘Hard to Build. Easy to Break‘.

These days there seems to be this pull towards destruction,” explains songwriter/guitarist Michael Timmins. “I’m more interested in the effort it takes to create something or the experience of seeing something evolve. On the flip-side of that is how easy it is to utterly smash and destroy whatever is at hand. The line ‘Tend the flame that lit your way / stop worshiping(sic) the ash’, kind of sums it all up for me“. Written in the early days of 2021 with Covid still prevalent and the Timmins family dealing with their Father’s dementia, Michael says, “it was a time of great existential dread when many of the pillars that many of us had been leaning on, for our entire lives, seemed to be crumbling. I was struck by how easy and quickly things can fall apart, if not properly respected.“.

The album will be available on deluxe, signed, standard vinyl, cd, and your favourite streaming platform. You can pre-order the album from the artist’s website.


1 – What I Lost
2 – Flood
3 – Hard To Build. Easy To Break.
4 – Circe and Penelope
5 – Hell Is Real
6 – Shadows 2
7 – Knives
8 – Mike Tyson (Here It Comes)
9 – Throw A Match
10 –  Blue Skies

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