Crowell, Cash and John Paul White pay homage to Guy Clark – Watch

This is lurvely (and not blocked for UK viewing for once) with a great sentiment behind it. Rolling Stone report: “Rodney Crowell was joined by Rosanne Cash and John Paul White to recreate the trio’s rendition of “It Ain’t Over Yet,” the lead single from Crowell’s new album, Close Ties. The song was just one of several highlights during Crowell’s album-release show Thursday, March 30th at New York’s City Winery, which also included Crowell and Cash duetting on both 1979’s “No Memories Hangin’ Round” and Crowell’s signature song, “Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight.” Watch the performance of “It Ain’t Over Yet” [below]. 

Crowell, Cash and White’s note-perfect acoustic rendition of “It Ain’t Over Yet” included a moving introduction from Crowell, who explained that the bittersweet song, written in the last months of Guy Clark’s life, was inspired by Clark and Crowell’s lifelong friendship.

“You don’t walk on water and your sarcasm stings,” Crowell sings of his close companion. “But the way you move through this old world sure makes a case for angel wings.”

“I’ve lived long enough now that some of my contemporaries are starting to pass from the earth, so those relationships started coming to the fore as I was writing songs,” Crowell, discussing his new album, recently told Rolling Stone. “Relationships that were so personal and so evocative in my life had passed away, but here I am, still tickin’, still slippin’ along.”

Crowell’s new album, Close Ties, is out now.

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