Dexy “Sleeping Through Summer”

Independent, 2021

Dexy’s album works to expand the ever-changing Americana genre but achieves mixed results.

Dexy’s latest album, ‘Sleeping Through Summer’, takes you back to the days of bar-room punk music inspired by early 70s Rolling Stones and Tom Petty. The album is an energetic set of upbeat songs that remind me of the early 2000s with that same rebellious sound of a band like Busted.

I Don’t Think I turned Out Right’ kicks off the record with high-speed and energy. The tone of the LP is instantly set with the smashing snare drum and chugging guitar creating the iconic bar music sound. It’s one of those songs that will instantly transport you to that bar and you can picture Dexy dancing round with the bluesy piano solo.

There are contributions from Rick Steff of iconic American country-rock band Lucero and it’s produced by renowned producer Adrian Hall. Some of the songs feel very far away from the Americana scene and perhaps more suitable to the rock and punk genres. The punk vibe is seen in ‘A Little Victory’ here created by the strong harmonies alongside the ever-present chugging guitar. Even the lyrics are more evidently punk than Americana with the refrain of: “I don’t believe in me, I don’t believe in you”.

As the album reaches its end ‘Here Comes the Rain’ is probably the most Americana song on the LP but it feels like Dexy would come across better as a live performer where he can get his audience up and dancing rather than sitting and listening.

Overall the record is hard to fit under the ever-expanding Americana genre but that doesn’t stop it from being a solid LP and something different to what a lot of Americana fans would normally listen to.


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Mike O'Driscoll

Strewth, I thought this was about Dexys. Sadly, it’s not. Shame.