Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Caitlin Cannon

Times are strange and challenging but we hope to lift the gloom a little with our series of mini-gigs. Our aim is to help everyone feel a little more connected to the world out there.  During this period of enforced isolation, readers and listeners may be able to relate to ‘Deliver’, the recent single from Caitlin Cannon and the first of the songs she has recorded for this exclusive mini-gig. 

The second song, ‘Waiting’, is a very personal song with even greater resonance in the curernt crisis.  Cannon is looking forward to the release of her new album, ‘The TrashCannon Album’ on 15th May.  Cannon’s songs approach the tough side of life candidly and with humour; the tales she tells are full of authentic detail.  Also, she shows here that she’s a top-class performer.

As Cannon says: “Please stay safe and healthy and don’t touch your face!”

Author: Andrew Frolish

From up north but now hiding in rural Suffolk. An insomniac music-lover. Love discovering new music to get lost in - country, singer-songwriters, Americana, rock...whatever. Currently enjoying Lukas Nelson, Midland, Jarrod Dickenson.

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