Rufus Wainwright “Darling This Will Never Do” – Tribute to a Thompson

Photo: Sean James

No, we haven’t messed the image up – and yes that is not Rufus Wainwright.  And no, this has nothing to do with the complaint from Loudon’s kid that we’ve all become narrow-minded since Brexit.  Nous, Rufus?  Rufus – non!  So what is going on here?  And now we’re worried about you dear reader, surely you recall that there is a new Linda Thompson album featuring an array of guest vocalists such as Kami Thompson, Martha Wainwright, The Proclaimers, Ren Harvieu, John Grant, The Rails, Dori Freeman, Eliza Carthy, The Unthanks, Teddy Thompson and, yes, you’ve guessed it Rufus Wainwright?  The album is called ‘Proxy Music‘ and it will be released on June 21st.  Pretty exciting.

And there’s more – there will be, at the lovely Cadogan Hall, a special show to celebrate the album and the music of Linda Thompson –  which will take place on July 19th.  It’ll be quite the gig it seems, featuring as it will  Eliza Carthy, John Grant, Ren Harvieu, Zak Hobbs and Teddy Thompson.  But not Rufus Wainwright – well you can’t have everything.  We’re betting that if anyone does it will be John Grant who sings this one on that night.

Linda Thompson says of the performance on this song that “Rufus jumps out of the track from the first instant. He has the perfect voice for this throwback about a May/December romance.”  He is, indeed, very recognisable.

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