Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Jack Marion

For the latest in our mini-gig series to help keep us sane in lockdown, we bring you a solo offering from Jack Marion of the titular Jack Marion and the Pearl Snap Prophets. The North Carolina based group’s debut album ‘When the Well Run Dry’ was warmly embraced here receiving an 8/10 earlier in the year. Today we present you with two songs from that album, ‘Old House’ and ‘Family Funeral’.

‘Old House’ is instantly relatable, especially for anyone experiencing lockdown solo in these times we’re now living: “Baby, this old house is quiet and dark / I keep the TV on just to hear somebody talk / It’s 12 o’clock and you still aren’t home / I guess your phone just died / Or maybe you forget to call.”

‘Family Funeral’ is a reminder of those mass gatherings that we used to be able to attend, full of people you haven’t seen and years (and maybe some you hope you won’t see again for years after): “Mama made some sweet iced tea and so did aunt Josephine / Along with a tray of devilled eggs / JR went outside to smoke / If he ain’t quit now then I guess he won’t / He’s too old now to really even care / We all move from the table to the couch / And we let joy and laughter finally come out / See all the people that I’ve missed / Tell me why do we always meet like this”.

Both of these performances were filmed in the house which inspired the songs, which gives the already great intimate performances an added level of kudos, leaving us hoping that once all this is over, maybe we’ll get to see the band in person.

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