For the Sake of the Song: The Roches “The Hammond Song”

From their 1979 debut this song transcends its roots and is a bone fide classic

Lying in a beautiful wine drenched haze on a sunny afternoon in Larmer Tree Gardens in early September 2000 and whatever I was waiting for the next band and lazily watching the clouds drift by above when the DJ in charge of continuity put this song out over the PA. It was a perfect moment. The soaring harmonies, the delicious lyricism, Robert Fripps’ production and psychedelic guitar all combining to create something sublime. I was transported. The following year the memory of the song was so strong that the moment it was played suddenly everything was alright with the world. Not many songs do that or indeed continue to do that. The three sisters Maggie, Terre and Suzzy were inspired whilst in the town of Hammond following Terre and Maggie’s first and unhappy foray into the music industry under the mentorship of Paul Simon. Thank God they went is all I say.  Enjoy.

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