Giulia Millanta “Only Luna Knows”

Ugly Cat Music 2024

A beguiling atmospheric Americana cocktail.

From the beginning, the listener is escorted into a very different place. A place which is being filmed in black and white. A smoke-filled underground club inhabited by the chic who are enraptured by the whispering but beautifully strong voice of this enigmatic woman on stage.

Only Luna Knows’ is Millanta’s ninth solo album but her first bilingual offering.  Recorded at Crinale Lab studio in the hills of Tuscany with producer Don Antonio (also guitarist and producer for Alejandro Escovedo). It has almost an otherworldly quality, especially the atmospheric title track. Starting with a very mellow Double Bass she implores not to be let go, telling Luna she is her best friend and knows everything about her. It builds very nicely indeed and demonstrates not only her strength but her vulnerability.

Millanta has been likened to a female Tom Waits which is underlined on many of the tracks such as ‘Love is a Sadness Machine’ and ‘Sin Eater’ but on others, she also has the essence of Caro Emerald it is a mixture that dovetails particularly well. This is emphasized on ‘Dance my Way’ which swings beautifully with double bass being very prominent again. It has a smooth bossa nova feel and is so easy to imagine couples dancing closely to this enjoying the moment.

‘Only Luna Knows’ is an extremely self-assured but understated album demonstrated by the fact that many of the tracks are not sung in English which only adds to the overall experience of the album she is truly acknowledging both her heritage and history.

Her voice has such a quality about it that is not only mournful but uplifting at the same time. It has the ability to take you to another time and place both of which are definitely worth experiencing and embracing. It is a delightful, thoroughly engaging piece of work.


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