Gretchen Pleuss “Daughter Of The Broader Skies” (Sun Pedal Recordings, 2019)

There’s something of Joni Mitchell in Gretchen Pleuss, which of course can only be a good thing. It’s there in her phrasing, her time signatures, her subject matter and indeed Pleuss’ music is something of a throwback to that golden age of singer-songwriters in the late Sixties and early Seventies, but were she transported back there she would easily hold her own amongst those luminaries and legends.

From the evocative title to the falling away of the last note on album closer ‘One For All’ she takes that classic style and both makes it her own and uses it to say something that’s as timeless and contemporary as you like. The set is largely a chronicle of a personal journey but Pleuss’ changes, growth and life lessons are timeless and relevant and her light airy vocal and subtle acoustic guitar ensure that they inveigle themselves into the listener’s psyche effortlessly. Highlights include the bittersweet ‘Everybody’s Pretty’, the delicate ‘Open Doors’ and Pleuss’ personal favourite ‘Songbird’, an exploration of self in love and life that’s compelling listening. Much like the album as a whole, which is a delightful and classy set with depth to spare.

Classically-styled and classy singer-songwriter set

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