Hiss Golden Messenger “Passing Clouds” – Listen

Hiss Golden Messenger have teamed up with indie label Spacebomb Records for new track ‘Passing Clouds’  and they’re donating all proceeds to Everytown For Gun Safety, a nonprofit organization working to end gun violence. The track will be available from midnight tonight (USA midnight, although not sure which one of the four that is) through all download and streaming services, as well as Bandcamp, with a pay-what-you-want-option for those wishing to donate more.  MC Taylor said in a press release: “We’ve been told for so long that a change in gun laws is next to impossible. It is not. We’ve been told that the NRA, and the politicians whom they buy, are too powerful. They are not. The young people in Parkland, Florida, have proven that. I am on their side. I am on the side of peace, hope and love, on the side of grieving parents and spouses and co-workers in Parkland and Newtown, in Aurora and Las Vegas.”

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