The Yellhounds “The Banks Of The Mississippi” (Independent, 2018)

Manchester-band The Yellhounds’ title-cut ‘Banks Of The Mississippi’ from their new four-track EP sees the release open in a rich, melancholy fashion. A genuine feel of America’s south ensues, one that suggests images of the bottomlands captured through a stylish and imaginative production. Next up, the boys fuel the fire with ‘Day Is Done’ as they combine old-timey and bluegrass on hightailing it into the Appalachian mountain regions. Clawhammer and otherwise, banjo, mandolin and a rock steady bass propel the tune in majestic fashion! On showing even greater drive ‘Ain’t Got No Home’ has the fervour of youthful new ideals raking over ashes of old, and with a full-bodied rhythm section and roving fiddle and able lead vocal The Yellhounds produce a more than adequate authentic blend.

Last, but not least ‘Sweet Jemima’ slows things, considerably, and with every nuance counting, and a poetic almost eerie feel it moves effortlessly across the skyline. Given a little imagination I could see a young Ryan Adams do it justice.



A genuine feel of America’s south

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