Honey Cellar “Curtain” – drop the safety…

This desperate looking bunch of dangerous reprobates are Honey Cellar, a folk-rock group with pop and indie sensibilities that hail out of Chicago (which we’re contractually obliged to acknowledge as being “my kind of town”), and they have a new album ‘Borders‘ newly released.

Today’s song ‘Curtain‘ is from the album, and addresses the mixed emotions at the closing of a relationship.  As Catherine Krol, lead singer with Honey Cellar, explains “Each relationship is a new adventure, a new night on a new stage, performing with someone you are so enthralled with that it paints your dreams.  When it’s over, maybe as a coping mechanism, you begin to fade out the harsh realities of the struggles you overcame together and focus on the good moments. Regret is a byproduct, but it’s natural. By naming these fears, writing this song helped me accept that as a part of the grieving process and learn to move on.

Honey Cellar are Catherine Krol (vocals, bass), Danny Connolly (guitar, vocals), Lucy Holden (violin, mandolin, vocals) Tariq Shihadah (guitar) and Joey Buttlar (drums, percussion).

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