Hushman “She Climbs The Munros” – not solely an appreciation of craggy mountainsides

Self-described “Anglo-Celt” Hushman (AKA Ewan MacPherson) has worked with Indie-folk trio Salt House, Acid-Croft legends Shooglenifty and Nu-Nordic Quartet Fribo.  That may or may not mean much to you, dear avid folkie and Americana reader, but Hushman’s new album is on Hudson Records which is, as anyone can tell you, a mark of quality and distinction.

She Climbs the Munros’ is not just a celebration of the joys of ascending those Scottish peaks standing over 914.4 metres (ok – if you must – over 3,000 feet) – it was written for his wife, Lauren MacColl, for their small ‘lockdown’ wedding in 2021. Did someone say “aaaah“? Well – stop that.  This is a seriously beautiful song and not some sickly sentimental paean (we’d never inflict anything like that on you treasured Tracks fan). ‘She Climbs the Munros’ features Lauren MacColl on fiddle alongside vocals from Kim Carnie and piano from Thomas Hein.

This song is from the album ‘Hushman‘ which will be released on the 18th of November and features Hushman on vocals, guitars, harmonium, bowed bouzouki, jaw harp and synths; Hannah Read on backing vocals; Lauren MacColl (Rant, Heal & Harrow) on strings; Ben Nichols (Seth Lakeman, Nadine Shah) on Bass and James Mackintosh (Shooglenifty, Capercaille) on percussion.

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