Ida Mae (With Marcus King) “When Eden Was My Girl” – it was all so much easier back then

Photo: Joe Hottinger

There’s only one way to describe this new song from Ida Mae – and that is downright rough edged and dirty.  Or raw, that’s another way to describe it.  Visceral.  Ok – there are many ways to describe ‘When Eden Was My Girl‘, and here’s what Ida Mae have to say about it themselves: “we wanted this song to be a simple, raw, deep groove. Cut live to our 1970s drum machines we had our friends Ethan Johns, Marcus King and Nick Pini overdub their parts after.  We wanted two lead protagonists, two voices male and female and for that to be echoed in my and Marcus’s lead guitar lines. Lyrically I was imagining Nick Cave writing his own, darker version of ‘I Can’t Quit You Babe’ by Otis Rush…with Jack White and JJ Cale chipping in a few words and licks here and there.  Me and Marcus stood side by side in the basement of our Nashville home with two 5w Fender Champ amplifiers. We took two passes, what you hear from the duelling lead guitars is completely improvised on the spot. It’s always a huge honour and pleasure to make music with Marcus.

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