I’m Kingfisher “Transit” (Fading Trails Recordings, 2018)

  • Hailing from Sweden, I’m Kingfisher is the moniker of folk singer-songwriter Thomas Jonsson who returns with his sixth solo recording and third under the name I’m Kingfisher entitled ‘Transit’. With over 600 shows under his belt and having achieved significant recognition from the likes of Uncut magazine for his prior releases ‘Arctic’ and ‘Avian’, Jonsson is no stranger to his craft and has returned to stake a claim for the hole left by Bon Iver after the latter’s recent, and experimental change in direction. Lazy comparisons aside, ‘Transit’ is the sound of an accomplished songwriter deserving of the recognition already bestowed upon him and much more.

The record begins with former KEXP song of the day ‘What Good Would Loving Do Me Now?’, a song which encompasses everything that I’m Kingfisher is about and serves as both a great introduction to the record and to the artist himself. Beginning with gentle acoustic guitar, strategically and masterfully placed piano and combining a tender vocal with personal lyrics, I’m Kingfisher manages to succeed where many others fail and deliver something captivating in an often over-saturated genre.

Other album highlights include the dignified ballad ‘The Oaks Rule’ and the political ‘Sarajevo’ demonstrating that Jonsson is not only self-aware but is also very aware of what is going on elsewhere in the world whilst still maintaining the introspection and relatability that makes his music so universally applicable which isn’t an easy task for even the most established of artists and is a credit to the songwriting on ‘Transit’.

Overall, Thomas Jonsson or I’m Kingfisher has developed the ability to turn every day thoughts, feelings and emotions into powerful yet tender and dignified tracks with a craftsmanship way ahead of his own years, a testament to his raw talent, and it is only a matter of time before he is a household name.


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