The Mulligan Brothers “Songs For The Living and Otherwise” (Independent, 2018)

Some artists spend their whole careers trying to find their sound or create a piece of work that defines them as a band and The Mulligan Brothers have done just that on their third full-length album in five years, the magnificent, ‘Songs For The Living and Otherwise‘. Following on from their excellent self-titled debut and sophomore record, ‘Via Portland‘, The Mulligan Brothers have capitalised on the formula that has worked so well for them in the past and then some. Continue reading “The Mulligan Brothers “Songs For The Living and Otherwise” (Independent, 2018)”

Jessica’s Brother “Jessica’s Brother” (Fika Recordings, 2018)

Jessica’s Brother are a group from London formed in 2016, after drummer of The Wave Pictures’ Jonny Helm’s girlfriend (Jessica) introduced him to the man who would become primary songwriter in the group, her brother, Tom Charleston and with the inclusion of bassist, Charlie Higgs, the trio was complete and Jessica’s Brother was born. A mere nine months afterwards, the trio entered The Booze Cube in Stoke Newington to begin recording what would become their self-titled debut album. Continue reading “Jessica’s Brother “Jessica’s Brother” (Fika Recordings, 2018)”

Speedbuggy USA “Kick Out The Twang” (Wagon Wheel, 2018)

Speedbuggy USA are a classic sounding, country-rock and roll band coming out of Los Angeles with their newest release ‘Kick Out The Twang’. Taking inspiration from country acts like Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and American life itself and adding their own rock and roll twist, Speedbuggy USA take that inspiration and put their own stamp on it and they play it very well indeed. Continue reading “Speedbuggy USA “Kick Out The Twang” (Wagon Wheel, 2018)”

Kerri Powers “Starseeds” (Independent, 2018)

Kerri Powers newest release ‘Starseeds‘ is the first full-length album since her debut record ‘You, Me and a Redhead’ released back in 2001 and after a brief hiatus, a self-titled EP in 2014. Having had the time to hone her craft and take inspiration from her personal experience over those tumultuous years, this largely picks up where she left off with her brand of lyrically rich, vocal-driven folk music and should only see her build upon her previous successes as she expands on what made the first two records so appealing with more ambitious lyrical content and versatile musical arrangements. Continue reading “Kerri Powers “Starseeds” (Independent, 2018)”

Various Artists “Johnny Cash: Forever Words” (Sony Legacy Recordings, 2018)

Johnny Cash was one of the most iconic musicians of all time and also, one of the most hard-working, with 60+ recorded albums throughout his career, however, his legacy didn’t end with the music he recorded during his lifetime and when he passed, he left a catalogue of poems, writings and musings to his son and co-producer of Forever Words, John Carter Cash. With this material in hand, John Carter Cash enlisted another producer, Steve Berkowitz and an assortment of musicians to bring their interpretation of the words to life, and after two years, we have Forever Words. Continue reading “Various Artists “Johnny Cash: Forever Words” (Sony Legacy Recordings, 2018)”

I’m Kingfisher “Transit” (Fading Trails Recordings, 2018)

  • Hailing from Sweden, I’m Kingfisher is the moniker of folk singer-songwriter Thomas Jonsson who returns with his sixth solo recording and third under the name I’m Kingfisher entitled ‘Transit’. With over 600 shows under his belt and having achieved significant recognition from the likes of Uncut magazine for his prior releases ‘Arctic’ and ‘Avian’, Jonsson is no stranger to his craft and has returned to stake a claim for the hole left by Bon Iver after the latter’s recent, and experimental change in direction. Lazy comparisons aside, ‘Transit’ is the sound of an accomplished songwriter deserving of the recognition already bestowed upon him and much more.

Continue reading “I’m Kingfisher “Transit” (Fading Trails Recordings, 2018)”

Sarah Shook & The Disarmers “Years” (Bloodshot Records, 2018)

Following on from their great success and widely-acclaimed debut ‘Sidelong’ released in 2015 which led to the band being signed to Chicago-based Bloodshot Records, Sarah Shook & The Disarmers have returned with their own sophomore effort ‘Years’. The record wastes no time in getting started with opening track ‘Good As Gold’ which is an upbeat number driven by acoustic guitar, rumbling drums and front-woman Sarah Shook’s unique, southern voice and with a true ear worm of a chorus, the right song was chosen to open up the record and set the tone for what is to follow. Continue reading “Sarah Shook & The Disarmers “Years” (Bloodshot Records, 2018)”

Sir Canyon “Ventura Skies” (Independent, 2018)

For those not familiar with Sir Canyon, they are a collective of musicians fronted by former Hank Floyd member, Noah Lamberth. After his previous venture decided to call it quits after a series of high-profile support slots, Lamberth didn’t think he would continue with his music and pursued a brief career making documentaries and television shows however, after the loss of his father and a romantic breakup he began writing songs in his downtime, as a catharsis of sorts, and his friend and producer, Andy Davis encouraged him to record an album which (with the help of some former bandmates from his time in Katy Perry’s band) would eventually come to life as the mexican/surf/country record ‘Ventura Skies’. Continue reading “Sir Canyon “Ventura Skies” (Independent, 2018)”

Southern Tenant Folk Union “Southern Tenant Folk Union (10th Anniversary Re-Issue)” (Johnny Rock, 2018)

If you haven’t heard of them before, Southern Tenant Folk Union have been around for a while, ten years to be precise, and to celebrate this achievement the Edinburgh based 6- piece have decided to reissue and remaster their debut album which saw them garner a lot of attention in terms of radio airplay and live opportunities.
The songwriting present on the record is of an incredibly high standard leaning further towards the more folk and bluegrass side of the ever-undefinable Americana bracket but channels that roots sound very well, combining it with modern songwriting sensibilities and naturally, the lyrical content to match the time it was recorded, as opposed to the time the sound reflects. Continue reading “Southern Tenant Folk Union “Southern Tenant Folk Union (10th Anniversary Re-Issue)” (Johnny Rock, 2018)”

Dave Stewart “Nashville Sessions – The Duets” (DSE/Membran, 2017)

Dave Stewart is most likely to be best known for his work alongside Annie Lennox – however, he is more than just the co-founder of The Eurythmics. With a career spanning over 40 years, millions of records sold, a number of high-profile collaborations and various forays into other channels of media,  Stewart is one of the most renowned and respected musicians in the business and his newest release, is a collection of songs made up of the best duets recorded during the album sessions for three different records ‘The Blackbird Diaries’, ‘The Ringmaster General’ and ‘Lucky Numbers’ recorded and released over a three year period. Alongside Stewart on the record, are some very talented and very famous friends including Stevie Nicks, Alison Krauss Colbie Caillat, Joss Stone and many more, who, without exception, deliver brilliant vocal performances and perfectly justify why they themselves, are all household names in their own right. Continue reading “Dave Stewart “Nashville Sessions – The Duets” (DSE/Membran, 2017)”