Harrison Clock “Winesburg” (Birs Recordings, 2019)

Harrison Clock has been on the scene for thirty odd years and has forged a career largely under the radar with his first full-length album ‘On Greenwater Stream’ (a double LP collection of 20 songs) having only being released in 2016 via Birs Recordings. His follow-up record ‘Winesburg’ is a concept album based on a 100-year-old novel by Sherwood Anderson about a fictional town in Ohio and has conveniently been released in celebration of the centenary. Continue reading “Harrison Clock “Winesburg” (Birs Recordings, 2019)”

Tyler Ramsey “For The Morning” (Fantasy Records/Virgin EMI, 2019)

For those unfamiliar with Tyler Ramsey, he was the lead guitarist and one of the core songwriters in Band of Horses throughout their astronomical rise to the top of their game and, having left the group in May of 2017, has returned with his first work since 2011 and it was more than worth the wait. Continue reading “Tyler Ramsey “For The Morning” (Fantasy Records/Virgin EMI, 2019)”

Drunken Prayer “Cordelia Elsewhere” (Deer Lodge Records, 2019)

Drunken Prayer is the solo project of alt-country band Freakwater guitarist Morgan Greer, and ‘Cordelia Elsewhere’ is the sixth full length release under this moniker – returning with the backing band following last year’s predominantly acoustic release ‘Morgan Greer’s Drunken Prayer’. From the outset, there is a noticeable sonic departure from Greer’s work with Freakwater as the country sheen is dropped for some all-American music. Taking influence from his time growing up travelling the country with his folk-singing mother, living in different areas of the USA, soaking up music wherever he goes, the end product has a feeling of authenticity in terms of the honesty of the songwriting and the overall sounds throughout. Continue reading “Drunken Prayer “Cordelia Elsewhere” (Deer Lodge Records, 2019)”

Jacob Faurholt “Sad People” (Raw Onion Records, 2019)

Jacob Faurholt is a Danish folk singer-songwriter with over 10 studio albums recorded and released under his own name, alongside some more experimental work under his Crystal Shipsss alias. ‘Sad People’ is a collection of intimate songs with minimal overdubs recorded at his home studio in the town of Aarhus, Denmark and serves as a precursor to an upcoming full studio album to be recorded this spring with some local musicians. Continue reading “Jacob Faurholt “Sad People” (Raw Onion Records, 2019)”

Love Trap “Rosie” (Wild Honey Records, 2019)

Love Trap from Turin, Italy are a super-duo of sorts formed by Stefano Isaia and Marco Spigariol from the remnants of a number of different groups (Movie Star Junkies, Lame and Krano to name a few) and ‘Rosie‘ is their debut release under the Love Trap moniker. Combining elements of country and Americana musicianship in the traditional band sense alongside subtle pop sensibilities within the vocal melodies and harmonies the group have crafted a unique sound which blends the two together seamlessly. Continue reading “Love Trap “Rosie” (Wild Honey Records, 2019)”

The Delines “The Imperial” (Decor, 2018)

The Imperial’ is an album which has been highly anticipated amongst fans of the The Delines, made up of songwriter and novelist Willy Vlautin (formerly of Americana legends Richmond Fontaine) and vocalist Amy Boone with their band, Jenny Conlee, Sean Oldham and Tucker Jackson, since the release of their 2014 debut ‘Colfax’ which received universal acclaim amongst critics and the public alike and has been a long time coming after an accident which broke both of Boone’s legs and led to two years of surgery before finally being able to finish ‘The Imperial’ – a wait which has been more than worth it. Continue reading “The Delines “The Imperial” (Decor, 2018)”

Beans On Toast “A Bird In The Hand” (Independent, 2018)

Beans on Toast or Jay McAllister has been honing his craft for many years and ‘A Bird In The Hand’, his 10th release in as many years, followed tradition was released on his birthday just like he had done with the nine studio albums before it. It seems as though the years have served him well as although he isn’t breaking the mould he made for himself, this might just be his most accomplished release yet. Continue reading “Beans On Toast “A Bird In The Hand” (Independent, 2018)”

Will Hoge, The Haunt, Brighton, 8th December 2018

The crowds in Brighton are always a mixed bag. Students, die-hard fans of the acts on any particular evening, casual live music goers or just the curious can normally be found in the various venues around the city on any given night and tonight is no exception however, the audience is split almost 50/50 between fans of the more traditional sounds of Will Hoge and fans of the slightly more rough around the edges headline act, Lucero. On arrival the room was two-thirds full which would please any support act and the bassist from Lucero, acting as a compere of sorts, arrives on stage declaring the night a ‘Tennessee Takeover’ and introduces the ‘man with a golden voice’, Will Hoge. Continue reading “Will Hoge, The Haunt, Brighton, 8th December 2018”

Annie Oakley “Words We Mean” (Horton Records, 2018)

Annie Oakley are a three-piece acoustic trio from Oklahoma City and ‘Words We Mean’ is the group’s first full length album and the culmination of many years of writing and playing together – the chemistry between them evident throughout. The story of the formation of the group is bittersweet as twin sisters, Sophia and Grace Babb, began writing songs at aged 14 following the death of their father and soon after they were joined by a friend named Nia on violin who was also dealing with the loss of her own father. Consequently, the trio went about writing songs as a form of catharsis, and this exploration of their feelings led to Annie Oakley being born.   Continue reading “Annie Oakley “Words We Mean” (Horton Records, 2018)”

Yonder Lights “Yonder Lights” (Independent, 2018)

Yonder Lights are a four-piece group based in California and their self-titled debut album is a love letter, of sorts, to the state that bore them. Drawing lyrical inspiration from their immediate environment and musically inspired by a range of artists from Dwight Yoakam to The Eagles to a more traditional Nashville-based country sound, the band take these influences and wear them on their sleeve without ever compromising both their identity as a band and their Californian heritage. Continue reading “Yonder Lights “Yonder Lights” (Independent, 2018)”