Interview: Brent Cobb on why Capricorn Studios is a Southern star

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A songwriter first who just happens to play southern eclectic music.

Brent Cobb’s latest album ‘Southern Star’ celebrates the American South, and Americana UK’s Martin Johnson took the opportunity to put some questions to him on the background of the album. A key aspect of this was Brent Cobb’s experience of working at the Capricorn Studios in his home State of Georgia, and how he thinks of himself as a songwriter who also just happens to be a singer. He also recognises the role UK audiences have played in helping to celebrate the music of the American South.

How are you?

Doin’ good. Thanks for havin’ me.

How do you think of your music, is it country, americana, or something else, or don’t you care?

Well, I’ve started calling my music “Southern eclectic”. Sometimes it rocks. Sometimes it rolls. It’s a little country and a little soul, but, it’s all southern.

Why is now the time to produce yourself on ‘Southern Star’?

I’m not really sure. That’s just the way the wind blew this go ‘round. I tend to let the music dictate what I do creatively and soon after these songs had started revealing themselves to me, the rest of the project became clear.

Why did you decide to record at the old Capricorn studios in Macon, Georgia?

Besides how influential on me the music, historically, is that was made at Capricorn, it’s also presently a great and active studio. Feels like home to me. And it in itself is a “southern star”. So, naturally, it just made sense.

Did you feel any ghosts in the studios?

For sure! Ha.

How important is your home state to your music?

It’s the most important to me personally. Georgia is also very important to all of the world’s music. A lot of the originators of modern music come from there.

What does the South mean to you?

Home. The American South is a beautiful landscape, rich with all walks of life travelling together through the hard times as well as the happy times. It’s art. Simply complex.

You have written a lot of songs for other artists, how important is your songwriting to you?

I’m a “songwriter-singer”. Not a “singer-songwriter”.  I’ve always considered myself a songwriter first. It’s what came to me the most naturally since I was a kid. I am who I am because of songwriting.

You’ve worked in Nashville as a songwriter, how disciplined are you as a songwriter?

Hmm, I write every day but not necessarily because I’m disciplined. I just can’t help but to always be writing on a song, always.

Who are your own personal favourite artists?

That list would be too long! But off the top of my head, Otis Redding, Bobbie Gentry, Lee Dorsey, Roger Miller, Dolly Parton, and Ronnie VanZant.

Any plans to come to the UK and Europe?

Yes! As soon as possible. Been too long.

We like to share new music with our readers, so currently, what are your top three tracks, artists or albums on your playlist?

Well, I listen to a lot of foundational music so it tends to be older. So, here’s some old “new” music. My top 3 tracks are ‘Everything I Do Gon’ Be Funky’ by Lee Dorsey, ‘Ole Man Trouble’ by Otis Redding, and  ‘Small Town Talk’ by Bobby Charles.

Is there anything you want to say to Americana UK readers?

I really appreciate all the love from across the pond. Not just for my own music but historically, the UK has always shown an affection for the music of the American South. Thanks for caring. Hope to see y’all soon.

Brent Cobb’s ‘Southern Star’ is out now on Ol’ Buddy Records.

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