Video Premiere: Tylor and The Train Robbers “I Ain’t the Only One”

Check out the upbeat new single from Idaho-based Tylor and The Train Robbers.  ‘I Ain’t the Only One’ has a fabulous groove that makes you want to move, thanks to the energetic percussion from Tommy Bushman that drives the song.  The song is truly elevated by Jason Bushman’s sonorous, melodic bass and Rider Soran’s lead guitar and lap steel, which combine perfectly, creating an absorbing, layered country-rock anthem for living life to the full.

Frontman, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter, Tylor Ketchum says of how the song came together: “Like most of my songs this one was written on the road, between gigs and travel days and in my time at home. The inspiration for the song started with a beer can, which is really fitting for how the song came together. We were sitting in Jackson, Wyoming having a beer before the show and I noticed a catchy slogan on the can – something along the lines of ‘like a river to my liver,’ I liked the rhyme and wrote it down. A couple days later I was still thinking about it and I came up with the opening line of the song ‘When liquor’s flowing like a river, you start to feel it in your liver.’ From there I started playing a bit of the song during sound checks and the guys would play along, building on it a little at a time. After a few weeks the song started to take shape, the rest the lyrics came together pretty quickly and it became sort of an anthem for those nights when you just want to let loose, enjoy yourself and forget about all your responsibilities.”

The well-shot, accompanying video, directed by Mario Nolasco, captures the band’s life on the road, performing, travelling and hanging out.  Ketchum says of the video: “Shooting this music video was an absolute blast! Mario Nolasco from Interval Films wore many hats for this project – filming, directing, and editing and he did an incredible job!  We knew right off the bat that we wanted it to be hilarious and capture the fun spirit of the song, which is all about letting loose. In the lyrics I delve into the effects of alcohol, weed, and psilocybin mushrooms and we wanted these themes to come through vividly.  Selecting the locations was key for us. We opted for authenticity, choosing places where we, as a band, genuinely hang out. Our first spot was the Vista Uptown Bar in Boise, ID, a local hang that’s become a hub for many of our musician friends. It was the perfect setting for our bar scenes and on-stage performance. Then, for the trailer scene where I’m ‘blowing smoke inside your trailer,’ our buddy Jim Humphreys – aka Humps, lent us his vintage airstream and played the role of the disgruntled landlord who is none too pleased with his trailer being hot boxed. We used a smoke machine to fill the airstream, which created the perfect effect of smoke billowing out when I opened the door. It was hilarious! You can see Humps throughout the video playing the drunk guy at the bar and an extra at the party as well.  The story eventually leads us to a house party scene. Our bandmate Rider Soran and his fiancée Cristina let us take over their place, providing a natural backdrop that felt just like one of our typical hangouts. We invited our normal crew of friends and had a great time. Our friend Jake Freeman stepped in to play Mr. Psilocybin – the guy with the mushrooms at the party. Thanks to some clever camera work and special effects, we managed to capture the essence of the journey of a mushroom trip at a party amongst friends.  We’re really happy about how the video turned out. It totally captures the vibe we were going for in the song, and it was just a fun experience all around.”  Indeed, the visual feels real, as if we’ve been given the chance to hang out with the band.

‘I An’t the Only One’ appears on the band’s forthcoming new album ‘Hum of the Road’, which is due out in 2024.  Recorded during a tour across the American South, the album aims to capture the feel of life on the road.  There’s something timeless in the album’s blend of genres: country, heartland folk, rock ‘n’ roll and psychedelic exploration are all represented in a collection that reflects the band’s journeys through hot, dusty landscapes and long, energetic nights.  With brothers Tylor Ketchum, Jason Bushman, and Tommy Bushman at the heart of the band, The Train Robbers are a fine example of Western roots music, stirring traditional sounds with a fresh energy.  Their close ties and constant touring for over a decade mean that this band are as tight as they come.  Look out for the album later this year.

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