Isbell: “Getting sober made me more aware”

Looking through Billboard’s Country chart at the moment is like perusing a “greatest drinking songs” feature. In the top 30 right now are the songs: ‘After a Few, Beer Can’t Fix, One Margarita, Drinking Alone, Why We Drink, One Beer, Champagne Night’ and ‘No I in Beer’ – and that’s just one week, so it’s fair to say it’s a genre well versed with the art of inebriation which our recent feature looked at too.

The Guardian has an interview this week with a variety of musicians who have stopped drinking, including an interview with Jason Isbell.  He told them: “When somebody who’s still drinking wants to talk about sobriety, I let them know I’ve seen the science behind this, and that what they’re worried about isn’t real. It’s like taking your toddler to the closet before they go to bed, and showing them there’s nothing in there. For my daughter, those shadows are ghosts. But to me, they’re just shadows. They’re colours on the wall.” You can read the whole piece including the full interview with Isbell over at The Guardian’s website here.

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