It’s the 2023 AUK Readers Poll! Vote for your favourite americana from the last year

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Now with just six categories – why take two bottles into the shower when you can just vote and go?

So it’s that time of year again when we launch our annual readers poll in which we ask you to reflect on the last 12 months (well, 11) and choose your favourite americana, the stuff that’s resonated with you throughout the year, the stuff that you’ll still be talking about this time next year. This year we’ve streamlined it to just 6 categories – As ever, we are a UK-based site so despite the inherent oxymoronic (is that a word?) nature of our raison d’etre, we are particularly keen to hear about the homegrown americana which you’ve enjoyed the most. Entries must be in by midnight on December 15th and we will announce the winners with great fanfare before Christmas. Happy voting!

Please vote in as many categories as you can so it genuinely represents you, our dear readers.

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