Jason Isbell: “I’ll record a Georgia covers album if Biden wins”

Joe Biden won the US election on Saturday in case it’s passed you by, but at the time of writing he also looks like he’s on the way to winning Georgia and if that happens, Jason Isbell has announced that he’ll “make a charity covers album” of his favourite songs from the State. The singer-songwriter, originally from Alabama, revealed that he’ll record a covers album featuring songs from “REM, Gladys Knight, Vic Chesnutt, Allmans, Cat Power, Precious Bryant, Now It’s Overhead, etc. And damn is that gonna be fun.”


Isbell’s musical friends were keen to help out with the project, with artists including Calexico, Chris Thile, Ed Helms and Devotchka stating their willingness to play. Brandi Carlile, who collaborated with Isbell while she and Amanda Shires were recording the Highwomen’s debut album, also offered her voice.

“I will happily sing harmony. Can we also do “Kid Fears by the Indigo Girls and you be Michael Stipe?”

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