Jill Jackson “Yours Aye”

Classic country music, with enough that’s new to make every song a must listen.

Jill Jackson says of her music. “I grew up attached to the classic country music my parents doted on, and was especially drawn to strong female role models like Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton. They still inspire my work today”. The opening song of her latest album ‘Hurt’ is straight out of the mould of Dolly Parton and is a piece of classic country that stands alongside anything her heroes have written.

But she isn’t just about older music, ‘I Wouldn’t Do That’ is a much more modern style altogether, with echoes of the likes of Lucinda Williams and Conor Smith’s menacing guitar solo. The album covers a lot of ground, with country ballads like ‘Lay You Down’ and the title song rubbing against Rock and Roll songs like ‘Sweeter Than Honey’. This last song has a mandolin solo, probably from Jackson herself, that sounds like it should be out of place but fits perfectly.

There are nods to music closer to her Scottish Roots with ‘Standing Still / Valsa Gaoth Dobhair’ but for the most part the sound comes from a long way west of Paisley. The haunting ‘All I’ve Ever Known’ with a pedal steel guitar setting the tone. ‘Someday’ could easily be a Laurel Canyon ballad and is not a long way from some of the music of her regular live show partner Rab Noakes. The album rounds off with another stomping modern country song, ‘Don’t Let The Fire Burn Out’, and ‘Little Red Car’ a simple ballad once again in the style of the classic country singers she loves.

The ”Scottishness” comes through in her words, which are all highly personal. “Each song I write is personal, it’s based on my own life and experiences.”  Her voices is emotive but never overwrought as much of current country music seems to be. Her experience of 5 albums and touring with the likes of Bryan Adams has equipped her to create an album that pulls you into her world through her words. ‘Yours Aye’ is produced by Boo Hewerdine, with a band that includes Glasgow musicians Conor Smith, Keyboardist Johnny MacKinnon and Paul Crawford on drums. Al Gare double bass playing is excellent throughout the album and feature slots from  Melvin Duffy who has played with First Aid Kit on pedal steel, and John McCusker on fiddle.

Jackson sounds pleased with her efforts on ‘Yours Aye’: “It feels like this album is the culmination of everything I’ve done so far. It shares some of my darkest thoughts, the loss of a loved one and relationship challenges, but it also celebrates the joy” If you want to hear country music that has not lost touch with its roots, with some great songs this is the place to find it.

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