Jillian Rae “Doing My Best” – all that anyone can ask…

Jillian Rae is a classically trained violinist who has turned country-esque fiddle player.  This new song is the first of several singles she’ll be releasing this year and was originally written as part of a project for kids dealing with trauma.  The theme of trying and trying again seemed like it might be applicable to a lot of people who were faced with picking things up again after a hard time (did someone mention our current ongoing pandemic?  I think so).

It also represents something of a personal breakthrough as Jillian Rae explains: “After a 10-month-long streak of writer’s block, I was commissioned to write a collection of “kids songs” that coordinated with various therapy topics for kids who have lived through trauma. I was nervous to take on this project but figured, “Hey, this could be the perfect way to get your songwriting flowing again.” And truthfully, I had been living through the trauma of the pandemic and social unrest in my community during this writer’s block phase. Focusing on topics like “identifying your feelings,” and “knowing yourself,” and “telling your story,” were truly serendipitous. “Doing My Best” is the first song that I wrote in this “kids collection,” and really in general for nearly a year.   After the project was wrapped and done, I found myself coming back to this song — in live solo performances, songwriters rounds, and just for myself at home. I finally brought it to my band thinking, “I know I wrote this song for kids but the more I sing it, the more I realize that it’s for everyone.” A little morale-booster, if you will.”

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