John Grant “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” – hey, welcome back John

Photo: Hordur Sveinsson

Well, here’s a more than pleasant surprise.  We’ve long like John Grant but it has to be admitted that he’s kind of drifted away from Americana over the years.  The Czars – solidly in.  ‘Queen of Denmark‘ with Midlake – perfect Americana.   ‘Pale Green Ghosts‘?   Love it, but not so much “in genre” and things have continued the same way – high energy and electronica being the emerging theme.  But here we are with a fine version of ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’ which was recorded for the Netflix show ‘Inside Man‘.

The TV show’s director Paul McGuigan has said that it was actually composer David Arnold’s “brilliant” idea to use the song, as when looking at a cut of the episode with the Cash version used as a place holder for the soundtrack he said of the temporary music, “Well this is perfect, so why don’t we do a version of that?”  John Grant has said “I’m so incredibly honored to have the opportunity to sing this fantastic track and to work with David Arnold.”  Which is nice.

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Grant’s lush and magical 2021 album Boy From Michigan is an achingly perfect return to Americana. It’s not high energy not anchored in electronica. When he does lean on synth it harkens back to a very American time. The album is drenched and dripping in the genre.