John Mellencamp announces new album for Summer

Credit: Sharononthemove

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer John Mellencamp has announced his latest album ‘Orpheus Descending’ will be released on June 2nd on Republic Records. This his 25th album, comes after ‘Strictly A One-Eyed Jack‘, which was released early last year. The new album was produced by Mellencamp and recorded at his own Belmont Mall Studio. ‘Orpheus Descending’ includes new singles ‘Hey God‘ and ‘The Eyes of Portland‘.

1. Hey God
2. The Eyes Of Portland
3. Land Of The So Called Free
4. The Kindness Of Lovers
5. Amen
6. Orpheus Descending
7. Understated Reverence
8. One More Trick
9. Lightning And Luck
10. Perfect World
11. Backbone

The album will be available on vinyl, cd, and your favourite streaming platform. You can pre-order the album via this link.

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