Johnny Blackthorn “Goodluck & Goodbye” – Listen

Johnny Blackthorn is an alt-country singer/songwriter hailing from the Mississippi Delta whose new album ‘Shades of White’ is out now. It’s a warm and sonorous record and sharing the track below with us, told AUK: “The song ‘Goodluck & Goodbye’ was originally intended as a breakup song. It was born during a period of great heartache where I finally reached a pinnacle of realization that staying in this damaging relationship was the very reason I felt so far away from the home of myself. I had ceased to take part in the dance of life. I was going to say “Goodluck & Goodbye” to this person who I was sure to be the source of my discontent, and I was going to sing it proudly. Well, that person has long since left my journey and yet my discontent lingered on. I now realize, as the song has taught me over the years, that my sense of joy in life is not the responsibility of any individual, but rather a product of my own choices.”

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Author: Mark Whitfield

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