Jones “Carver’s Law” (Independent, 2019)

Trevor Jones is Jones, the solo project featuring half of the duo Miracle Mile. Following 2016’s critically acclaimed album, ‘Happy Blue’, this is the fifth release from Jones which sees him working again with Miracle Mile other half, Marcus Cliffe. The album title, ‘Carver’s Law’ was inspired by the short story writer and poet Raymond Carter.

Now, on first listen, this record seems devastatingly melancholic. A very stripped back production portrays sadness, however, in true Raymond Carter style, ‘Carver’s Law’ focuses on moving on and working towards a better future for yourself. Lyrics cover topics of hope and forgiveness, whilst also touching on vibes of loneliness and emotion.  

Instrumentally, this record is driven by beautiful piano playing with overlays of outstanding lap steel swells and melodies. Trevor Jones’ wistful vocal is drenched with expression, sadness and pain, dragging the listener into a false sense of agony whilst taking in every breath of each track. 

Songs like ‘Le rentrée’ and ‘What’ll I Do’ surprise you with a slightly more open and experimental production, the latter especially, featuring electronic drum loops which add an element of freshness to what is mostly a traditional sounding record. 

Carver’s Law’ is a really great release from Jones. He keeps it interesting throughout and it features some truly beautiful moments and a couple of experimental sections which keep the listener interested throughout. 

Traditional with refreshing moments from Jones

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